Why Us?

We aim to create, intrinsically beautiful, hand crafted, well thought out Leather Goods that are designed to last the test of time.

Using natural materials, such as Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Leather from Tanneries across the United Kingdom and Overseas, to Linen Thread derived from Flax when hand assembling our products.

These materials, unlike man-made synthetic ones, will naturally deteriorate over time and thus, become part of the life cycle again.

We are not about cheap, fast, mass production. Everything involves hours of time, labour and love.

Edge Bevelling Bespoke Leather Knife Sheath

Nothing in the workshop, uses any type of machinery at all.

We hand stitch everything. Each stitch you see on our products, has been pulled by hand, which takes time, effort and skill.

Blue Museum Calf Leather Apple Watch Strap

Therefore, we only see it fit to use such materials that gently breakdown over the course of many years, which help to avoid unnecessary landfill, pollution or ease of disposability.

Our products sold here are designed to be enjoyed for many years, repaired when necessary and handed down to your loved ones for continued use.