Our Leathers.

See our informative guide to help understand the types of Finishes and Leathers we choose to use here at Tort.

See Examples Below.


  • Full-Aniline:
    • This emphasises the natural appearance of leather by coating it with a transparent product. Therefore it will grow a patina through time and usage. Full aniline leather is like a canvas where the wearer is the artist. How it ages depends on the daily usage.
  • Semi-Aniline:
    • This covers the leather with slightly opaque pigments which is a special protective coating to make it water/stain resistant. No Patina.
  • Pigment-Coated:
    • A cover that seals the natural leather surface using opaque pigments. This results in a high degree of water/stain/wear resistance, thus it is easy to maintain. 


Cowhide Leather
  • Buttero/Dakota Leather
    • Imported from Tuscany, Italy. Firm to the touch and rich in colors.This Leathers finish is Semi-Aniline and is specified when used in a product.
  • English Bridle Shoulder Leather 
    • Tanned in Northampton, the Leather hub of the UK. This traditional full grain, vegetable tanned bridle shoulder is hand worked and tallow waxed to give a strong, smooth and hard wearing finish. Used in our Belts
Calf Leather
  • Museum Calf
    • Imported from the Zonta Tannery, this Museum Calf is semi-firm to the touch and is famous for its perfect hand-padding technique; a knowledge obtained through the years by master tanners. Made famous also by notorious boot maker, John Lobb. Full-aniline.
  • Novonappa/Barenia
    • An extremely famous french calf leather from Tanneries Haas, this is one of the skins Hermès made famous. Supple, soft, and emits an incredible smell. The grain is tight, smooth, perfect for small leather goods. Soft temper and Fully-Aniline.
  • Baranil
    • Similar to Barenia, this Leather has a smooth matte surface with a light bloom. Deep patina and is ideal for watch straps and other small leather goods. Soft temper and Fully-Aniline.
  • Zermatt
    • A gorgeous calf Leather which is a mineral tanned in the top grade, that makes it very popular for lining bags, wallets and watch straps. This is the best lining when it comes to anything close to the skin, as it is hypoallergenic and sweat resistant. We use this in our watch straps. Fully-Aniline.
  • Russian Calf
    • A beautiful Leather which has an extremely strong aroma of Birch. Oak Bark tanned in Colyton, this Leather is most known for it's replication of the coveted 'Cuir de Russie' sunken treasure. Learn more here. Very firm and is ideal for most applications for leather goods. Fully-Aniline.
  • Epsom Calf
    • This Leather is an embossed Calfskin with excellent resistance against wear. It's produced by multiple tanneries with different names such as Waprolux, Noblessa calf or embossed calf. Semi-Aniline.
    Horse Leather
    • Shell Cordovan (Equine Hind)
      • Cordovan is an extremely durable type of Leather that is made from the hinds of horse. It has a very tight grain and develops its own unique patina over time. Unlike many other leathers, shell leather does not wrinkle. Instead, it ripples over creases and bends. This makes it a very popular choice for high-end small leather goods such as shoes, bifolds and watch bands. Fully Aniline.
    Goat Leather
    • French Chévre
      • Imported goat skin from France. Semi-firm and rich in colors. We have wide range of available colors to choose from. Semi-aniline dyed.
    Exotic Leather
    • Lizard (Tejus/Salvator)
      • Natural grain of Lizard Leather makes it gorgeous to use for any object. From the Hermès Cuirs Précieux (HCP) Tannery, these are flawless, Grade 1 skins to use. It is a soft leather with a waxy feel to the touch. Semi-Aniline dyed.
    • Ostrich Leg
      • From the Tannery in South Africa, Klien Karoo. This leather has very elegant scales ideal for detailing on small card wallets, straps or belts. Semi-Aniline finish.
    • Crocodile
      • These hides are again from the Hermès Cuirs Précieux (HCP) Tannery and are tanned overseas to be exported for fashion houses. The best of the best, as these are farmed, thus the skins have little to no blemishes.


    Please note that Leather is a natural material, blemishes are a part of the character of full grain leather.

    While we try very hard to ensure consistency, colours can vary.