Leather Belt Waist Measuring Size Guide

 How To Measure Your Belt Size

On your current belt, measure the distance from the inside of the end of the buckle, to the most used hole

As Pictured Below.

Leather Bespoke Belt Measuring Guide

You will use this as your measurement when selecting 'Belt Length (Inches)' and choosing your size in the drop down menu.

This measurement will then be used as the centre hole for your belt. Another 2 holes either side of this centre hole will be added which will be one inch apart.


If you do not own a belt, then the second-best way is to measure your size, is to measure your waist size and then add 2 inches to it.

An example is if your waist size is 34 inches, you should order a 36-inch belt.

If you are measuring using your trouser size and it reads that they are a 34 waist but they are a bit tight on you, it would be an idea to use 35 inches as your waist size and then add 2 inches to get your desired belt size­.

If you have any questions/confusion with sizing, please get in touch using the contact button at the top of the home page, where we will get back to you.