Care, Use, Wear and Tear and Misuse.


Leather is a living object. It changes, warps, softens, ages and in some cases garners a patina.

It is in Leather’s nature to be delicate and sensitive to the ‘natural elements’ and so it is heavily advised that you protect it as much as possible from over exposure of these elements.

Examples of these elements are water, oil, heat, light and environments that are too humid or too dry.

Light goes as far as leaving it on a windowsill where the good is in direct sunlight, or above a radiator where heat is coming into contact with the good. If your Good comes into contact with the liquids mentioned above, (oil, water), you should wipe them immediately with a soft cloth and let them air dry.

Furthermore, you should avoid allowing your Leather Good to come into contact with Ink (Pens/Markers/Lipstick), Alcohol based products, (Perfume, Hand Sanitiser, Hairspray, Liquid Medications), alongside Raw Textiles, (denim) as they can bleed and transfer onto the skin.

These products can and will leave damage if they come into contact with the Leather. Marks that are permanent and will not come out, can be avoided with the correct care mentioned above.

In addition to this, an obvious given is that you should not put sharp, exposed objects inside of your good (knives, tweezers, scissors, metal rulers, etcetera).


Use your Leather Goods as they are destined to be used. However, understand that they need time to rest. When they are not being used, make sure they are stored in an environment of dry darkness, ideally in its original packaging or a dust bag. If you would like your item to retain its original shape, you are best to insert bubble wrap or tissue paper until you feel the smallest amount of resistance. You don’t want to crease, stretch or mark your leather.

Wear & Tear

Avoiding wear and tear is impossible if you are using your Leather Good in your everyday life. This is why we are very emphatic that you take great care of your Leather Good by letting rest, using Leather Balm when you can see it needing nourishment, ensuring you don’t over exposure it to natural elements, etcetera. This will help to reduce the Wear & Tear in the product.

Wear & Tear is not covered in the Lifetime Warranty as nothing can and should last forever and over time will need to be repaired, replaced or disposed off. Ideally the two former and not the latter.


Examples of Misusing a Leather Good.

  • Water Exposure
  • Oil Exposure
  • Direct Sunlight Exposure
  • Direct Heat Exposure
  • Direct Ink Exposure
  • Direct Alcohol Exposure
  • Direct Raw Textile Exposure
  • Direct Sharp Object Exposure
  • Storage in Moist, Damp, Humid Conditions.
  • Neglect of Nourishment for Leather Good.

If any of these examples above are the reason for your Leather Good becoming unusable or faulty, this is not covered in the Lifetime Warranty and you are responsible for this.