Equestrian Leather

Full Grain English Bridle Leather

When it comes to deciding Leather for Belts and products that are going to take a good beating; the hide we opt for is English Bridle Leather. This specific type of Leather, refers to the method of how the cowhide is finished at the Tannery.

When it comes to turning the skin into this particular leather, the Flesh and Grain side of the leather is hand stuffed with greases and finished with wax, which is a very laborious endeavour, therefore expensive! As far as colour goes for Bridle, it has a fantastic depth of pigment, meaning that throughout the ageing process, it will garner a beautiful patina showing the character of the leather through continued use.

As this leather is designed for use in Bridle (horse riding equipment), it is crucial that the leather is comfortable for the horse to wear next to its skin. Therefore the treatment of the flesh side is equally as important as the grain side, so you will find the reverse to be as smooth as the front facing side. Furthermore, because this is used in Saddlery gear, it is of paramount importance that this leather is incredibly strong. It is expected for an item of saddlery to last for 10 or more years of use, so being strong is only one component of what helps it last. It also has to endure the bad weather, dirt, grit and earth debris whilst in use. This is why we have chosen this leather, for our belts.

We only buy Bridle from Metropolitan Leather, as they have been operating for over one hundred years and offer excellent leather articles.

These are what make our Bridle Leather Belts the premium quality that they are.