JFJ Baker Russian Calf Bespoke Leather Watch Strap

The Sequal; The Black Russian Calf Watch Strap

After creating a Watch Strap in the Brown Russian Calf, I wondered if I would ever get my hands on the black version of this wonderful leather. Fortunately, I did.
I came across it through someone who kindly enough gave me a great price on it. I could not turn it down.
 JFJ Baker's Black Russian Calf Leather
After taking it back home with me to compare against the brown I have, the black was much stronger in scent. It had a higher potentcy of the birch oil that is used, which smelt more like Violet Leaf. It reminded me of the fragrance "Farhenheit" by Christian Dior, which opens with a very strong note of petrol/gasoline. This is the Violet Leaf at play.
I'm very glad to have come across this in the black and been able to use it for strap making. It is an absolute joy to cut, skive, prick, crease, stitch and edge finish. This is all due to the firmness that is a byproduct of it being oak bark tanned.
Even being thinned down to 1mm thick, it still had a fair amount of body and firmness to it.
This strap is entirely made by hand, using tradational hand techniques that are renowned for the highest level of craftsmanship in leather work. No corners cut, no malpractice, no inferior materials used.
Full Grain Leather, Non Stretch Reinforcement, Hypoallergenic Lining, Linen Thread and Edge Paint. 
5 Ingredients that make the perfect strap.
Enjoy some photos of the craftsmanship, materials and finished product!
JFJ Baker's Black Russian Calf Watch Strap Pricking Iron
Stitching Detail of JFJ Baker's Black Russian Calf Watch Strap
JFJ Baker's Black Russian Calf 22mm Apple Watch Strap
JFJ Baker's Black Russian Calf Luxury Watch Strap
Crafting a JFJ Baker's Black Russian Calf Leather Watch Strap
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