Luxury Handmade Leather Catch All Stationary Pen Tray

Elevate Your Desk: Discover the Essential Stationery Tray.

Having small, yet mighty objects in your house to organise your space is paramount when it comes to maintaning an organised area of work.
I've always liked the idea of having unique, decorative objects in a house to elevate the sense of character and warmness. This is what I wanted to emulate when creating this tray to keep all of your essential stationary in one place.
Making Detail of Bespoke Leather Stationary Pen Tray For Desk
Being quite the fan of Hermès, I saw their design of trays that they had made. Some were large for documents, others were small for loose change. Some were made from wood and then leather is inlayed. Going through other brands and google images, I had not found a design of a tray that was intetionally for stationary and that was compact in size.
This was great for me to begin designing something that was agile, minimal and quaint for an office/desk space that people would find immense practicality out of.
Handmade Leather Stationary Pen Tray For Home Study
I wanted to add an inner reinforcement, to make the inner space maximised and very cut out. This gives a further element of shape and dimension to the tray.
Luxury Leather Stationary Pen Tray For Desk
These make for really great gifts to anyone who has a working desk at home or study and needs to keep their space organised. Espically for those who live in a city and work from home in a smaller space. We all know that a cluttered space is a clutter mind, therefore having this object in your space will keep your mind clearer and sharp when it comes to work.
Luxury Leather Stationary Pen Tray For Desks
Leather Stationary Pen Tray For Offices
These trays come with a dust bag and packaging so you can transport this to and from without damage.
As always, these can be ordered in any leather, thread colour and edge finish. Please send over a message using the Customer Ordering Form.
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