Watch Strap Measuring Guide

When determining your Watch Band/Strap measurement, you will need to measure your wrist.

Simply use a Tailors/Seamstress Tape, or if you do not have this; use a piece of string or thread.

Wrap the tape, string or thread around your wrist loosely and once you have the measurement, round it to the nearest centimeter. This is what you will use to select your size from the following lengths. 

We are currently offering these three stock lengths;

Small = (105mm/70mm) : Suited for Wrist Size between 14cm to 17cm.

Standard = (115mm/75mm) : Suited for Wrist Size between 16.5cm to 18.25cm.

 Large = (125mm/80mm) : Suited for Wrist Size between 18.25cm to 21.5cm.


If you require a custom length strap, please do get in touch.

We are more than happy to accommodate your needs.