Aftercare - Leather

Whether your product is made from a Standard Leather, such as Cow, Calf, Goat, or made from Exotic Leather, e.g Lizard, Ostrich or Crocodile.
It is your duty to take care of your item throughout its entire lifespan, if you so wish to get the best out of it.  
Italian Buttero Leather Whiskey Swatch

When you feel that your leather is beginning to feel worn, dry and brittle, we suggest using a balm to rejuvenate the fibres, thus continuing its longevity.

The Balm we like to use is Smiths Leather Balm. 

Smiths All Natural Leather Balm

Smith’s Balm is composed of 3 Natural, Organic Ingredients; those being, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax and Almond Oil.

All ingredients are hypoallergenic, meaning it’s no issue for your skin to come into contact with the balm.

Exotic Leather is highly sensitive to the exposure of light, sunlight or intense heat. These will more often than not, alter its appearance and/or colour which more often than not is irreversible.

Himilayan Lizard Leather Exotic Bifold Wallet

As this type of leather is very delicate and requires special attention, it is best you avoid exposing it to water and moisture.

If it does come into contact with water, you should wipe the item with a soft cloth to avoid any stains or bubbles whilst it dries.