Pricking a Handmade Hand Stitched 25mm Italian Leather Bag Strap

How Long!? Hand Stitching Leather 101.

From the beginning of venturing into Leather, the only method of stitching I was introduced too, was saddle stitching. Let me explain how this method of hand stitching works.
This method of hand sewing uses two needles and one piece of thread. Both needles are attached to either end of the thread, which both go through the same hole one at a time in a figure of 8 motion. This creates  two rows of stitching in one single row of holes.
Pricking Handmade Hand Stitched 25mm Italian Leather Bag Strap
In comparison to machine stitching, this uses one needle and two pieces of thread. A sewing machine passes a small loop of thread through the top of the leather which interlocks with the thread from the bottom of the leather.
This means that if one of your threads breaks on my product, not all of them unravel but instead, stay intact.
However if a thread breaks on a machine stitched product, if you pull on that, all of the threads come unravelled.
Here is a video to make sense of this, if you are confused.
Furthermore we choose this method because you are able to draw your stitch line, punch your holes carefully, so you can be sure that everything lines up straight and is evenly spaced.
Hand Sewing 38mm Italian Leather Bag Strap
you are able to Stitching products by hand is a very time consuming process. A lot of people wonder why I don't just buy a sewing machine to save me time. 
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