Luxury Leather Wine Bottle Carrier Bag

Great Minds Drink Alike; A Luxury Leather Wine Bottle Bag

Venturing into bag making, I had not touched this design since 2021 whilst attending university and creating this bag as part of a project. This was the first time I had tried to construct a large bag with little to no knowledge about thicknesses, skiving, reinforcement, linings, chapes, etc.
This is basic, essential knowledge when it comes to creating a bag in the most refined, professinal regard where the highest, meticulous refinement comes into play.
Bespoke Handmade Luxury Leather Wine Bottle Carrier
Either way, I was set on my design. I knew I wanted to create a bag for a bottle of wine. Having picked my genre/category to be 'Essentials', I had reviewed some of GQ's videos to find their infamous series; "10 Things (Name) Can’t Live Without".
I found these so called 'Essentials' quite interesting as you wouldn't think that a Candle is an essential, nor would you an Iced Out Audemars Piguet Royal Oak...
I had watched a fair few of these videos and stumbled upon Fat Joe's Essentials.
Fat Joe Ace of Spades Essentials GQ
One of his essentials that stood out to me was his 'Ace of Spades' bottle. This is a very luxurious, expensive Champagne and 75cl Bottles fetch around £300.
Seeing this as one of his essentials sparked some ideas about a carrier for an expensive alcoholic beverage that needed protection when in transport. I wanted something sleek and beautiful that had a heavy emphasis on craftsmanship and high quality materials.
 I opted for a Burgundy Vegetable Tanned Leather and light Red Goat Skin Lining with a contrasting cream thread.
Polyester, unfortunately.
Luxury Handmade Leather Burgundy Wine Bottle Carrier
After completing this (what I would now called prototype), I knew that lots of aspects needed improvement. The overall techniques for building it could have been a lot better, as could of the preciseness of the pattern making and hardware selection.
Burgundy Leather Wine Bottle Carrier Holdall Bag
I then took it back to the drawing board in mid 2022 as I had more time to revist some older projects that I wanted to improve.
This bag was always in the back of mind whenever I contemplated beginning a bag design. I would then put this off because I would tell myself I should really complete this wine bag before I begin another bag.
Bespoke Leather Wine Bottle Carrier on the Body
So for this updated version, I used a Black Buttero Leather for the exterior, 1mm Bonded Leather for the reinforcement and a Black Goat Skin for the Lining. 
Tort - Handmade Bespoke Leather Wine Bottle Bag with Strap
This went better, however I didn't skive the edges of the bag, only the edges of the lining. This didn't do me any favours when it came to stitching it as I had to pierce over 4mm of leather which left my hands extremely sore and in pain.
I didn't use an awl (in case you were wondering), as I had punched both sides of the edges to match up exactly. This wouldn't have been an issue if I had skived the edges to 1mm.
But what is a mistake without the lesson?
Regardless of these mistakes and mishaps, I hope you enjoy these photos because the bag turned out wonderful in my humble opinion. It's just the construction that doesn't look great because it wasn't done correctly. I also made a strap for this to be worn across the body. In 25mm, 32mm and 38mm.
The front pocket was original designed for a cork screw but it seems quite large for something as small as a corkscrew.
Handmade Bespoke Luxury Full Grain Leather Wine Bottle Bag
Handmade Hand Stitched Detail on Luxury Leather Wine Bottle Bag
Detail of Stitching and Hardware on Tort Bespoke Leather Wine Bottle Bag
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