32mm Mens Handmade Full Grain English Bridle Leather Belt

Elegantly Robust; The English Bridle Leather Belt.

When it comes to finding the right belt, we believe we have perfected it. Let's understand why I'm saying this, by comparing it to the masses of other belts.
With the large amount of phrasing and marketing, it makes it confusing to pick the right belt. Especially with a phrase like this;
'Genuine Leather.'
What is 'Genuine Leather'?
Why is the term used on a lot of websites that sell belts, such as Amazon?
Genuine Leather is the shavings/split/particles that are from the general manufacturing process of Leather.
We will use 'Splitting' as an example in this.
Splitting is the method of making the thickness of a piece of leather, thinner. When you split something, you are left with the original piece of leather and then the split. More often than not, you will split the flesh (bottom) side, from the grain (top) side. The 'Grain' side is the stronger, more aesthetically pleasing side, the split is the weaker, unattractive side.
Pictured below is the 'split'.
Split Vegetable Tanned Leather
This split can then be processed into loose fibres, then glue, vinyl and other bonding agents are added to reconstitute it into a large sheet of 'Leatherboard' or Bonded Leather.
This then gives the consumer the impression that what they are seeing and feeling is a Real Leather Belt. When in actuality, it is just the cheapest, weakest, environmentally unsound Leather you can put your money into. 
We only use the best hides for belt making. This Leather is a Full Grain, Vegetable Tanned Equestrian English Bridle Leather.
This Leather is is hand stuffed with greases and finished with wax, which is a very laborious, artisanal endeavour, thus expensive. Furthermore Bridle has a fantastic depth of pigment, meaning that throughout the ageing process, it will garner a beautiful patina showing the character of the leather through continued use.
As this is used in Saddlery (Horse Riding) equipment, it is of paramount importance that this Leather is incredibly strong, so the rider doesn't die whilst in a race.
It is expected for an item of saddlery to last for 10 or more years of use, so being strong is only one component of what helps it last, which is why we offer our Lifetime Warranty on all of our Belts.
Geji Strap Cutter on Full Grain Vegetable Tanned Bridle Leather
So, the takeaway from this post is that you should spend your money wisely.
Help yourself and the environment by embarking on products that are built to last, not break.
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