Womens Navy Alligator Mulberry Belt Repair Before and After

A 1990's Repair: Battered and Brusied to Good as New

Another Day, Another Repair.
Womens Navy Alligator Mulberry Belt Repair Before and After
This repair, was to replace 2 belts that were beyond use and safe to say, have had better days. Much better days.
When I saw the photos, they were in a bad way. Buckle holes blown out, stitching also blown out, lining frayed and semi-decomposed, the reinforcement had crumbled and was mush. They were past being usable.
 Womens Navy Alligator Mulberry Belt Natural Vegetable Tanned Lining
 Despite their 30-plus years of wear, the original hardware was salvagable. Upon closer inspection, the solid brass buckles were crafted by the renowned Italian hardware manufacturer, MCM.
MCM Brass Buckle on Womens Black Dollaro Mulberry Belt
Choosing to preserve the original MCM buckles, I envisioned a rejuvenation that would honor their enduring legacy. With materials in hand, the restoration began! I utilized a natural vegetable tanned lining I had that would pair nicely as a belt lining.
Womens Navy Alligator Mulberry Belt Repair
The mock crocodile on calfskin came in quite thin at 0.8mm which isn't a bad thing but it just meant that the belts thickness was just over 2mm. This is quite thin for a belt, normally 3mm is ideal. However, some people prefer a slimmer belt and because this is reinforced and lined, strength won't be an issue.
MCM Italian Buckle Hardware on Navy Alligator Leather Belt
Moving onto the Dollaro, this leather comes from the tannery Walpier. They are world famous for their vegetable tanned skins and are considered some of the best leather you can use for making.
Dollaro Vegetable Tanned Lining Leather
The texture of Dollaro is unique. It has a heavy grain, soft touch but still keeps some rigidity in the structure. It creases easily, stitches great and isn't too much trouble for other technical applications. Because this is a vegetable tanned leather, it will age quite well throughout use and darkener further.
Dollaro Vegetable Tanned Leather on Solid Brass
As always, the saddle stitch method is deployed for longevity, despite it taking more time than machine sewing.
Enjoy the photos and I hope you found this post interesting.
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